In This Moment: Black Widow

In This Moment Black WidowIn This Moment is a very theatrical band, especially live. A collection of black-clad painted zombies rocking out behind a tall blonde screamer sporting multiple personalities and an outfit to match each of them. On Black Widow, they continue to evolve their unique, dramatic metal sound, with even more synth, samples and electronica setting the mood for twisted tales that drift from intense to ethereal and back again. This album continues where the last left off, and turns down even darker, stranger alleyways. There are elements of horror, science fiction and even Broadway spun into this web of character studies. Brent Smith of Shinedown duets on a song that is different than anything either band has done before. Overall, there are many stylistic trips taken, which may not please all, but there should be something for any fan of modern metal to gravitate towards.